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IWATA KUSTOM KIT (5 airbrushes)

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Code: VIMK9900

Iwata Kustom Kit

Iwata Kustom Kit features the complete Iwata Kustom Series: 5 super professional airbrushes for the real custom painting professionists.

- Airbrush Iwata Kustom Revolution TR
- Airbrush Iwata Kustom Eclipse CS
- Airbrush Iwata Kustom Micron CM
- Airbrush Iwata Kustom Hi Line CH
- Airbrush Iwata Hi Line TH

Iwata Kustom Kit includes also:

-5 Pistol grip moisture filter
-4 Plug 3pcs/pack
-1 airbrush quick joint
-1 Air hose joint set (brass)
-1Nylon covered braided air hose 10'/ 3,05 m
-1 Kustom aluminum a/b case

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